Uninsured Medical Services

Did you know that some Medical Services , Forms and Administrative Services at a Family Doctor’s office  are not covered by your 
health card ?

such services include , but are not limited to :  

– prescription renewals without a visit
– travel advice
– sick notes , patient requested letters written by doctor
– missed appointments without 24 hours notice
– copying of medical records , transfer of medical records , request of results from chart 

We have created a list of our most commonly requested uninsured services and their fees for your convenience.
These fees are as per the Ontario Medical Association Uninsured Services Fees Guidelines. 

Medical Services

Forms , Letters, Paperwork

Administrative Services/ Other

Ear Wax removal                                       $ 50
Driver’s Medical Exam & 1 Form            $ 250
Extra Driver’s Medical forms (/form)    $ 70 
PAP test(beyond Ontario guidelines) $ 50
Fitness to Work Forms                           $ 100
Travel Advise / Consultation                 $ 75



Doctor’s note (simple)                         $ 25
Lost or damaged Vaccine card         $ 25
Doctor’s note (complex)                      $ 35 +
Massage/Physio/Orthotics note        $ 35
Daycare Note                                          $ 35
Camp/school forms/ note                    $ 35
Fitness Club form                                  $ 45  
Weight loss program note                  $ 45
Nursing Home/ Volunteer form         $ 45
EI Sickness Benefits Form                   $ 45
Compassionate Care Benefits form  $ 65
Retirement Home Forms                    $ 100+
CPP Disability Form                               $ 85+
Disability Tax Credit Certificate           $ 200
Travel Cancellation Form                      $ 45+
Attending Physician Statement         $ 170 +
Letter on Behalf of Patient                   $ 100 +
Extensive Long Term Disability     OMA Rate
Legal Report                                       OMA Rate

Results etc. from Chart            $ 30/E-request
Lost or expired lab requision  $ 25
Print Request of results/notes 
$ 1 / page
Results>20 pages (Elect. or print) $30 with additional 25 cents / page
Medical Records Transfer          $ 30 for 1st 20 pg, then $ 0.25/page — if review requires 
> 15 minutes time, then add     $ 45 / 15 min 
Missed Apt (Virtual/ In Person ) $ 50 
Missed Physical, Mental Health $ 100


* The above prices are subjective to change and are subject to annual adjustments depending on inflation etc. 
+ indicates the minimum fee, the final fee depends on the time, complexity and number of pages of the form, and
the amount of review required.
For requests of expedition of the processing of forms with very short time window/ notice ( < 4-6 weeks), there is an added $ 50 surcharge
as that would require the shifting of time and resources from usual office operations. 

Family Practice

We offer both virtual (phone or video chat) and in person options for your consultation with the doctor. 

A valid Ontario Health Card is required.

doctor, medical, medicine
medical, hospital, icons

Comprehensive Care

We offer both virtual and in person options for your consultation with the doctor. 

A valid Ontario Health Card is required.

Annual Physical
(now called:
Periodic Health Exam)

We offer checkups , which comprise of review of health history, measurement of height, weight and blood pressure measurements, calculation of body mass index etc. Blood work requisition for relevant screenings such as lipid panel, screening for diabetes etc. 

We also offer cancer screening tests such as mammograms, PAP tests, referrals for colonoscopies or alternative such as the FOBT (fecal occult blood smear).  

ecg, electrocardiogram, stethoscope
baby, newborn, child

Well Baby &
Well Child Exams

We offer well baby and well child / adolescent examinations. These comprise of a review and history taking, height, weight and head circumference measurements, review of growth chart and development, vaccinations updates and medical advice. 


We offer both adult and child immunizations 


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diabetes, finger, glucose

Diabetic Checks

We offer periodic diabetic checks. These are recommended every 3 months. In these visits, a review of history is taken as well as vitals such as weight , blood pressure measurements are obtained. A diabetic foot check is also conducted as well. The doctor would also provide blood work and advice about diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications and any renewal of diabetic medications.

Non-Insured Services

We offer non-insured services. The fees for these services are per the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) Guidelines.

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions

Yes ! We can arrange for annual checkups (now called periodic health exam) as well as  screening tests such as mammograms, PAP tests, colonoscopy referrals or FOBT alternative colon cancer screening test (mail in packet). 

Yes ! Please have your medication bottle with you at the time of your appointment.