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Important information to patients:
Family doctor's offices in Ontario are currently operating under a state of emergency , due to the crisis in our healthcare system (severe doctor shortages , burnout and overwork). Family doctor's offices are operating under financial pressures , rising costs , and inadequate government funding and support for the services we provide. We are also now experiencing more administrative work than ever before , taking on average close to 20 hours a week, which takes away time for direct patient care. Family doctors all across Ontario are asking for healthcare legislators for real changes be made urgently to our healthcare system, so that we can best treat , support and help our patients in Longitudinal Family Medicine.

Please note , to enhance privacy , streamline communications and reduce redundancy ,  our office has now transitioned to the secure platform called OCEAN. Electronic communications to patients from our office will now be done through the OCEAN platform. 

Our main office email account is NO LONGER MONITORED and will be closed down in approximatly 2 weeks from feb 5th , 2024.
We will no longer be using email for appointment bookings. If you require an appointment please call us , leave a phone message , or utilize our online booking for less urgent health concerns. 
If you need to submit any documents or paperwork for the doctor, please see the secure submission link below.

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At Aurora Parkway Medical we provide evidence-based comprehensive primary care, and preventative care for all ages, including newborns, adolescents, and adults.

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Family Practice

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